Sustainable leather jewellery collection handmade of leather waste

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May I proudly and happily introduce to you IILA (1.0), sustainable leather jewellery collection made of leather waste. I really hope you like the collection!

Good design makes you feel good

My main focus as a designer and an interior architect is to design spaces and objects, which inspire people, have positive affect on them and make them feel good. A good design makes difference.
Those toughts in my mind I designed iila I wanted to design beautiful three-dimensional jewelleries and accessories which make you feel good and special. Feather light, comfortable and eye pleasing minimalistic objects, which you want to wear every day. Because of their size and design, not forgetting the colours, with iila earrings you can fire up your party and working styles and create a unique look.


Give leather waste a new life!

iila collection is handmade in Finland. Nature friendly iila earrings are a conscious choice. Leathers used in collection are upsholstery leftovers and garment/ accessories cutting surplus material. iila earrings are made responsibly by reusing materials. Choose iila and give leather waste a new life!

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iila founded in 2019 by interior architect and designer Leena Arola. iila is based in Turku, Finland. Jewelleries are handmade by the owner.